Sunday, March 30, 2014

My new blog.

I started "Truth and Beauty" two years ago on May 26, inspired by a friend's blog and looking for a way to maintain a lifeline to my readers. Most of my online (public) writing at the time consisted of lengthy, heavily-researched features for Since I was shifting gears to work on a novel, I knew time-consuming research pieces would be few and far between, creating gaps in my online presence. Starting a blog allowed me to put content out into the world on a regular basis with short-form writing, something I'd previously been allergic to.

Even so, I intended to stick to topical content. I generally don't want "Truth and Beauty" to be about my life; I won't do a post about what I ate for breakfast, my personal relationships, or life challenges because these things aren't interesting to 99% of my readership. For the 1% (family and friends), I've created "The Benbow Blog," which will be less topical and more personal.    

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