Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS, A Love Supreme, and synchronicity

John Coltrane:  saxophone divine
As usual, I reached for my iPod as soon as I sat down on the bus this morning. 

Nothing so effectively shelters you from the unpleasantness of an overcrowded bus or an excruciatingly slow ride as earbuds piping in the music of your choice. I've often thought there was a genius before (earbud insertion) and after (earbud insertion) ad for the iPod in there someplace.

But I digress.

When I first clicked on the iPod menu this morning I was somewhere in the middle of the alphabet and chose "A Love Supreme" in hopes that it could transport me out of my night owl's early morning pre-caffeine-fix blahs. 

With John Coltrane's big beautiful tone as my soundtrack, I grabbed a notebook to do a free-write on the theme of "A Love Supreme." The first thing I thought of was last night's yoga class - as close as this agnostic can get to a higher consciousness - and out came

"Inhale, hands comes up from the sides in semi-circles straight above you, clap together, exhale, draw your hands down as one to your heart, rest, drain the toxins, think of the ocean water blue the sky air free-flowing unfiltered open vast, everything coming to a point with your intentions."

Between the magic alchemy of John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, and Jimmy Garrison and my parallel writing exercise, the commute put me in a good place to start the workday. The CD neared its end just as I stashed my notebook away to disembark - as if it were all part of a grand design. 

And the best part is that when I hopped off the bus onto asphalt I discovered that five other, much more influential people had channeled their higher consciousness when I checked my phone and saw a two-word text from my brother:  "MANDATE UPHELD."    

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