Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More YouTube footage of the back of my (fretting) hand

Here's another fourteen minutes from our show, starting with the ending of "Here to Hear," a catchy little number with slide guitar that we've been playing for a couple months.

Following is a cover of Teddy Pendergrass'  "Love T.K.O.,"  with Jay on vocals and guitar, Elliot switching to the drums, Taylor on bass and background vocals, and your humble narrator edging some licks in around the vocal. You'll find some good shots of my left I work through the tricky Bm - F# chorus. (Added bonus for listeners with exceptional curiosity:  Hall and Oates' live version.)

The third song is "Minor Blast," a tune Jay and Taylor and I have been messing around with since 2006 or so. Its original incarnation was basically Taylor's main bass stomp in C#m, over which I'd noodle endlessly with single-note lines, arpeggios, chord fragments, (occasional) repetition of an interlocking melody - whatever I could find to fill the space - generally ladled with effects.

On the Eighth Day, Jay created the "Minor Blast" chorus (first heard in this video at 10:22). With a verse and a chorus, we were on our way.

In its present incarnation, "Minor Blast" is an intro (Taylor basses the main riff, Jay backs him from behind the kit, the rest of us try to enhance this core), an opening chorus at a time of Taylor's choosing, solo #1 (Elliot comes in at 10:43), another chorus, solo #2 (yours truly, with phaser and tube screamer, at 11:53), and so on until we close with the final chorus.

At 12:19 our friend with the camera drops the lens down for a great in-the-trenches shot that includes a twenty-something guy in the lower left corner who was watching intently every time I teed up. This enthusiasm, this communing with a total stranger, is one of the many things that makes music so worthwhile.

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