Monday, May 28, 2012

My YouTube debut

After playing guitar for 23 years, I've finally made it to YouTube.

Sort of.

Recently we had a big birthday bash for my roommate at our sprawling flat. As part of the party, my band played their first public performance in front of a capacity crowd of 25 who were sardined into our jamspace, a.k.a. James Taylor's bedroom.

The structure of our show was three sets of four songs each. In between sets the band members milled around and stopped at the keg and caught up with friends, before making our way back to the music room an hour or so later, whenever one of us took the initiative to herd the cats (and the audience.)

A friend who was generous enough to bring his camera was shooting from the hallway for this number, "Grayed A." I'm the guitar that's poking out from the right-hand part of the screen. During my solo (1:42 - 2:20), my fretting hand comes into the camera eye, and my black-shirted back, as the cameraman swings to his right to get as much of the action as he can. My volume is higher in this mix because my amp is closest to the camera - and because I'm not timid with the volume knob.

Nick (trombone) takes the next solo (2:27 - 3:03), Elliot comes in at 3:11, and Jay dishes a little treat with some balls-out drums (and a game face to match) from 3:38 to the finish.

p.s. special thanks to Tony Garot, my first guitar teacher

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